Música A Granel

Taller sorpresa de música!

Quin èxit va tenir el taller sorpresa de música oferit per l’AMPA! El passat 17 de desembre el grup de músics A Granel ens va visitar en el pati i tots el nens i les families en van poder gaudir a l’hora de la sortida.

Us deixem amb les fotos dels bons moments i les cares somrients 🙂

I si us animeu a venir al proper taller, ja el tenim agendat: El dimarts, 29 de gener, fabricarem tamborins musicals!

Festa de la diversitat 30/9

(English below)

La tercera festa de la diversitat s’apropa!

  • Diumenge, 30 de setembre
  • A partir de 10:00

Com ja sabeu, serà una festa dedicada a la cultura africana.

Totes les famílies de l’escola esteu convidades a venir. Les famílies d’Àfrica són les amfitriones, tot i que la col·laboració i la participació de tothom serà molt benvinguda.

Durant la festa infants i grans podrem gaudir de jocs, tallers, música, danses, menjar… ambientats en la cultura protagonista.

Us esperem a tots per compartir aquest moment!


Join our Diversity party, Sep 30th

As most of you know, last year we started organizing cultural parties at the school, to celebrate diversity.

Now it’s time for our 3rd party! This time the African continent and culture is our focus.

It’s a joined effort between the school, the AMPA and parents, and all kids and parents at the school are invited to join. (Oh, and to help prepare hehe, don’t be shy – get in touch.)

During the party, both children and adults can enjoy African games, workshops, music, dances, food… you name it.

We’re hoping everyone will want to share this moment with us. Let’s have some fun!

See you on Sunday, Sep 30th. We’re starting at 10 🙂



How to improve school results: not extra maths but music. Loads of it!

This year our school is deepening the collaboration with Palau de la musica through the #Tandem project. Here’s why music is such a great idea:

Seven years ago Feversham, a UK primary school,  was in special measures and making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Today it is in the top 10% nationally for pupil progress in reading, writing and maths.

The headteacher has embedded music, drama and art into every part of the school day, with up to six hours of music a week for every child, and with remarkable results.

The school bases its method on the Kodály approach, which involves teaching children to learn, subconsciously at first, through playing musical games.

“We could have gone down the route where we said we need to get results up, we’re going to do more English, more maths, more booster classes, but we didn’t. You might hit the results but your staff morale is gone, the kids hate learning. We want kids to enjoy learning.”

This year 74% of its pupils achieved the expected standard in reading, writing and maths, against a national average of 53%.

Full Guardian article here.

And here’s a pic from the Pere Vila / Palau de la Musica meeting.

Escola Pere Vila tandem Palau de la Música