Let’s learn Catalan together! Xerrem al Pere Vila

Thursdays 15:15 – 16:15

A great way to get started with Catalan, and to practice with other parents.

We have three different levels so it doesn’t matter if you don’t speak any Catalan at all – we’ll help you with the basics.

And for those that already speak the language, or would like to practice, ask questions, etc. there are two other groups.


What? Learn Catalan

When: Thursdays, 15:15 – 16:15

Where: La Ludoteca (2nd floor, see the door below!)

With who? Parents volunteering to help others learn Catalan

Why? Become an expert at interpreting the info sheets that keep appearing in your kid’s school bag 🙂

Xerrem al cole pere Vila

And last but not least… I hear there’s a serious amounts of biscuits, tea and coffee involved

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