Got 45 minutes? Helps us prepare the flea market

Mercadigne 20 abril 2016 Pere Vila

Thinking of getting involved in the parents’ association (AMPA)?

We would love it if you could help us prepare the flea market taking place April 20th.

This is how you can help:

  1. Starting now: Did you know the AMPA has a Harry Potter-ish space under the stairs in the library building? It’s full of uh, potential things to sell. Are you brave enough to enter?
  2. Starting April 11th we’re asking all parents and kids to bring toys, etc (in good condition!) you no longer need or play with. Help us go through the donations to make sure stuff is good enough to sell.
  3. Good at counting? Everything will be sold at 1 euro. Help us collect payments on April 20th (starting 16.30).

This is how you start:

  • Send us an email with the subject “Mercadigne” or get in touch with Maite.

And if you’re unsure how the flea market works (Mercadigne), here’s a video: 

2 pensaments quant a “Got 45 minutes? Helps us prepare the flea market”

  1. sabemos cuando entraremos en el cuarto de Harry Potter? Yo me apunto!!
    Gracias por la información, Rebecca.
    Oh yeah,

  2. Las fuerzas oscuras son potentes. Los rumores dicen que Maite tiene alguna formula mágica (alias llave) que abre el cuarto cuando haya luna llena. Desconozco el calendario lunar. ..

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